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So today has been mostly a lazy day on the sofa to be honest. I feel a bit tired after having so horrible nightmares tonight. Not nice waking up. So I’ve done some work from home, snuggled with my husband and just relaxing.

Now we are at Meadowhall, time to eat some food, do a bit of grocery shopping and then off to the gym. Slightly unmotivated today, since my stomach feels a bit bonkers.

Many of you wonder how I eatwhen I go out. It’s very easy to get to many extra calories then you think you are having. I always reason like this, drink I ALWAYS choose water, healthy and you know exactly what you get, plus sodas even if it’s no calories in aren’t good for your body. Regarding the food I always choose between chicken and some type of fish since I rarely eat red meat and it can be a lot of fats in it, not necessarily unhealthy, but if you are trying to be on a calorie deficit then it’s good to keep that in mind. I always choose without it being cooked in any sauce/comes with a sauce, that can be a very sneaky calorie bomb and I don’t like getting dairy in me either. I basically always try to order as simple as possible, chicken/fish with vegetables and some type of carb, like sweat potato/quinoa etc. My favourite is actually a proper good chicken salad though!

This is today’s food eating out! And for the first time in years I actually took red meat, a sirloin steak salad with some prawn skewers on the side.



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So some fun news. We have booked a holiday, and not just any holiday, this is kind of our extra honeymoon so we are going back to Mexico, Cancun, where Andy proposed to me. But this time we are going to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and I’m so excited. We go in the end of March, but that means it’s spring break in Mexico haha. But we don’t mind, since we are a crazy couple. This hotel is on it’s own island just a few minutes away from Cancun, so the party will happen in there, which were we will go a few nights. I’m so excited. Iv’e never loved it as much as I did in Mexico. The standard is so good, the staff is always lovely and the food amazing. Can’t wait.

Anyway, thats why I have a timeframe till March to get in shape!! Excited! This is our second floor in our suite. How amazing doesn’t it look?!



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FullSizeRender-2 IMG_5242

So today I’ve colored my hair. Both success and not so good. My roots are white. And I thought a number 7 (dark blonde) would cover it up. But it was too light, I need a number 6 or a 5 to cover it. Anyway, since I’m putting my new hair in today at 6, I simply don’t have time to go and get a new colour and try again. Usually that color do me, I’ve always used it, must be getting even blonder then before, it just doesn’t stick. I also did highlights in platinum blonde since the extensions is completely white. So that went well. I haven’t done my hair on my own in a while. But I must say i like it.

So the time is 3 now, so we are leaving in about an hour to grab some food at a restaurant here in sheffield. Then straight to the hairdresser to put the weave in. But this time it’s not all I’m putting in. I’m going to have the weave in (150-200grams of hair) and then put extra tape extensions when I get home in (25-50grams of hair). So very excited to have my extreme long blonde hair back.

I also had a weigh in today. 56,2kgs which is less then I thought actually since I’ve been cheating ever since the wedding really. My goal is to loose some fat and my weight to be between 50-52 kgs till the end of march. And that won’t be any problem as long as I just eat good and go to the gym, no stress at all. I’m in it for the fun again. No pressure. Just enjoying my time in the gym!


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DSC_2293 copy

A beautiful photo taken by my sister on me and my husband.

So I didin’t start yesterday with being back to being healthy. Andy was being naughty as always. But from today, we are on it 110% since we have something very fun planned for March I’ll tell you more about soon.

Anyway, apartment is cleaned after all our traveling, all the wash is done, grocery shopping done yeah you name it. We are ready for a new start. A new us. I’ve just had a shower and washed my hair and feel so fresh. Went to the tanning salon as well, need to get fresh for next week when my swedish friend comes here to England I’m so excited. So we have a meal on the thursday and a night out on the friday. Very fun, first friend visit me in my apartment since we always go to London or Manchester or something when we go away.

Now I’m going to get ready for the gym and later today I’ll post todays workout on here. Hope you like me being more active on here.


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So Iv’e ordered some new things to start of the year. Started by actually order new hair, that I’ve paid for. I wanted to try out some hair I haven’t had before, and I’m not recommending a hair I don’t know the quality of. The one I’ve had in now for two months, is not the best for the price you pay, so I bought a budget one (about 400 pounds for a full set). Så putting it in next week. So nice with fresh hair. But what color and length do you think I went for?!


Also some new workout gear. Two pair of new pants. I need new tops. But don’t want to spend to much money straight away. And I think it’s so hard to find the perfect cropped tops. I’ve ordered two pants from Celestialbodiez (no add, I’ve paid full price), but since you always want to know where I buy pants etc, I’m telling you. And I don’t do ”free add” I pay for all I own. So bought these two anyway: (One high waist and one low)


1600x1600-lowrise-leggings-metal-backA_1024x1024 highwaist-leggings-armygreen-side_1024x1024











They are suppose to be very nice in the bum since it’s scrunch butt. So hoping they will give me a nice lift.

Also bought LOADS of new makeup, and I’m so excited since I’m living from scraps in all kind of way lately haha. So I’ll be able to do makeup tutorials etc for you guys. I bought ALL from Iconic London (no add I paid full price) , never tried them before so very excited. Down below you see the products I’ve ordered






You find all the products on the site. But both cream contour and powder contour, foundation stick in color 3, illuminator and two matte lipsticks in colour ”tickle me fancy”, ”no stopping me” and also some new EVO brushes since mine is broke and I haven’t been able to use it for months.

Must say, very excited for all this to arrive.



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Hi dear readers.

I’ve been very bad last year with my blog in general. And to be honest I don’t have much of an excuse more then that life got in-between, even though it’s a poor one. But anyway. I’m going to start taking all my social media more serious again. Not okay to throw away something I’ve worked so hard for. So thats why this year it’s a ”new me”, or you could say the old me really. So going to start taking my blog, my instgram, my youtube and all that more serious. Even my Facebook and twitter. Be more active. So Just started up all my social media again listed down below:

Twitter: jellydevote

Instagram: @jellydevote

Snapchat: @jellydevotese


Facebook: jellydevotes

YouTube: jellydevote

So make sure to follow me everywhere! Cuz I made a promise to myself to inspire more then ever this year!