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So I decided I would have weigh in today. So as you know I had it last Thursday, weighing in at 55,4kg (-0,8kg) and then on Thursday I got drunk haha, ate some crap. Friday got drunk again, Saturday ate pizza, cookies and you name it (you can hear how well my weekend was going haha), Sunday I started eating healthy but ate pizza and candy on the night when Andy wouldn’t want to cave in. So basically 4 days of eating crap (probably 4000 calories a day) and no workout. Now Monday-Thursday eating healthy, but only been to the gym twice. So with this in my head, I was expecting to be back at square one (56,2kg) but I was on 55,6kg so I’m not bothered a weight gain on 0,2kg after that very unhealthy weekend and not so much gym this week! Not going to get so put down by that, I’m ready and so motivated so let’s do this. 61 days left till we go to Cancun, and I’m determined to be in good shape. We have loads of other trips planned as well around the world all year.. Like always.. Haha. I’ll let you know more closer!


For now I’m counting EVERYTHING I put in me. If you measure everything with your eye you can put so much more in you then you know. I even weigh my tablespoon with peanut butter since its so high in calories and fat and a tablespoon can vary in size and affect your entire diet. Weigh everything and track everything and follow your macros/calories and you will see result! It’s 8 and 1/2 weeks till we are leaving. That means I should aim to loose between 0,5-0,7kg a week to reach my goal (-4 to -5 kg). We have nothing special planed for now, and i’m officially ”dead” now to my friends haha. I need to get back into routines for real now, that’s when I feel the best. Don’t mind the occasional night out once in a while. Just been too much of that for the moment.


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Okay so I haven’t weighed myself since the Thursday my Swedish friend came. I went from 56.2 down to 55.4 but I’m pretty sure I’ve gained it all back after the partying and shit going down last weekend. But I’m not going to let that put me down, I’ll weigh myself this weekend if I feel good otherwise I’ll wait till next. I’ve now tracked EVERY calorie and nutrition I’m going to stick with till March, and I must say I’m happily surprised. Very good nutrition, healthy yummy food that I actually enjoy eating. So won’t be any problems there. I’m also about 70 calories under my calorie goal per day, which is good, since I sometimes maybe add one thing or two and that won’t be a problem. Even though my goal is to be between 1-52kgs before mexico, I’m just happy as long is my fat percentage drops.

To show an example of my favorite snack, raw almonds and my BCAA from womensbest. Nom nom. I have this once a day, always.


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So this is my morning ab-burner I did from home just to get me in the mood and right state of mind. And I’m going to feel that tomorrow! In total 12min and you don’t need any equipment!

  1. Floor wipers – 30 secondsUnknown
  2. Vertical Leg Crunches – 30 seconds3a71f661059a5dfa92b8b09a0b967b48
  3. Scissor kicks – 30 seconds72c50ce933636db00cbfc5eab9325a30
  4. Bent Knee Hip Raises – 30 secondsBent-Knee-Hip-Raise-3
  5. Mountain Climbers – 30 secondsMountain-Climber
  6. Contralateral Limb Raises – 30 seconds contralateral-superman
  7. Russian Twists – 60 secondsCore-Seated-Russian-Twist
  8. Double crunches – 30 seconds crunchtime2
  9. Bird dog – 60 seconds 2ee70a7d18af78da_Circuit-One-Bird-Dog
  10. Straight Leg Bicycle abs – 30 secondsscissor-crunch-sit-up


And do it all over again. All 10 exercises takes 6 min, and as soon as your done with the first round, start the next. No rest, just 12 min pure killing those abs! Come on you can do it!!


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DSC_0180 IMG_5822


So everyone wonders where my new pants are from (THAT I’VE PAID FOR NO ADD) Celestialbodiez. As I said just to clarify, no add, paid full price for it! I like them. One pair is khaki green and high waisted and the other are grey low waist. I must say I think I prefer the low waist more then the high one. But just need to get my little jelly belly firmer for the low once to look the best.


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FullSizeRender IMG_5712

Oh wow. A very crazy weekend done with my crazy friend Nicholie. So she landed on thursday, and I’ll tell you, as you probably can tell in the video I got very drunk. Haha. Since I don’t drink that often, I don’t know how to handle alcohol. So we did some shopping, lunch and drinks, then dinner and drinks and bowling and by the end of the day we both was very drunk. In bed at 10PM at least so got a lot of sleep. Haha. But that didn’t help cuz the day after I probably experienced the worst hangover off my entire life and I couldn’t fully enjoy the Friday night out so we spent about 10min in the club and then went home. Such a waste of money. But still had a nice time, but I was just too hungover to enjoy it.

So for about two days now, I’ve been recovering, sleeping on the sofa and eating crap. Not okay. So now I feel super bloated, but today I’ve eaten very good at least, and I wanted to go to the gym but Andy didn’t so yeah, stayed home. But tomorrow we are back in the gym again. And to be honest, I’m not drinking a drop off alcohol until Mexico in March now. I can’t handle it, and I don’t like it. Full focus on feeling good again!

So now we have a bit off a ”work night” before cuddles. Doing online work. One thing I’m trying to fix is refunds etc for my programs, since the request has been too big and I can’t keep up in that tempo. I’m very grateful but for me to provide everyone with individual programs there needs to be 10 off me working dyad night. SO I have to refund and soon my Ebook is coming out instead, and everyone that bought get a refund plus the ebook for free! So sorry about this guys, but it went to good really. Haha!


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Here comes a video blog from Thursday when my friend Nicholie came to visit me. This day is basically everything I normally don’¨t do. Haha. Rarely go out and eat, eat my lunchbox, and very rare I have alcohol. But I hope you like it anyway!