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Today is freshing up day. So have had a shower, washed my hair in a colour bomb to give it a cooler shade, fixed my brows with colour and shape, bleached my teeth, painted my toes and fingers so they look okay now. Tomorrow Nicholie comes and I’m so excited to see her and have a great weekend.

So now I’m going to eat some lunch, do some work and then hopefully I will have time to post something fun here. Tomorrow I’m going to be filming all day, like ”a day in my life” kind of thing, my food, afraid there won’t be a workout though, but everything else.

A photo of hubby and me at The Ritz in London!



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So today sucks. Cuz today I have to clean. And not just any clean, a very big clean. In two days my friend Nicholie is coming from Sweden for two nights. I hate when I don’t feel the place looks neat and very clean. So have a lot todo. Probably 2-3 hours work at least. I’m a perfectionist haha.

Andy has just left to work now after eating breakfast with me. So I’m getting up in 20min after I’ve digested the food a little and start the cleaning. At 2 today I’m going to fill up my lashes for the weekend. I’m so excited!! All through December and November I would say there has been a lot of partying for me, or for us, and that makes you not so excited when it’s time to drink. But now it’s been a while, and I haven’t seen Nicholie since September or something. So Thursday morning she comes. Then we will go to the mall for some food an shopping and catching up, then home and get ready for a nice dinner, some drinks but home quite early since Friday is the night. Sleep in on the Friday, then Andys friend arrives and we will go for some food, drinks and out on the night!! So excited for a good night! But regarding food the entire weekend I’lll stay completely clean and have some drinks on Thursday and Friday is my cheating!

A photo from when we was out in London for New Years. Not to excited, mostly tired of alcohol so didn’t drink that much really. But this weekend I’m ready for a good drink and lots of dancing!



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Okay maybe this doesn’t look super tasty, haha. But this is how simple I eat for lunch and dinner. 99% of the case, chicken (on the photo lemon grass marinated chicken), veggies like broccoli/carrots/cauliflower/asparagus etc, and either a salad (green salad, peppers, pickles I’m obsessed with pickles) or some carbs like Quinoa/sweetpotato/rootmash/potato/rice etc. But I have carbs if I’ve just worked out or if I’m about too. Just very simple really, but that’s how I like it. Much easier to not fall off the bandwagon. And I don’t know if I told you, but the best food I know is a really good chicken salad. Haha, lucky me!


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So in this post I thought I would dress something a lot of you guys ask about a lot. What supplements do I use everyday?!

First off all, ALL my supplements are from Womensbest (add-link). And with my code ”jelly10″ you get 10% discount on their page.

Anyway, first thing, whey protein. And jesus they have made them so good now it’s insane. Taste like a milkshake from Mc Donalds haha. I’m obsessed with the flavor banana as you might know. But I also love strawberry. But Banana, OMG, best thing that ever happened to me. So when do I drink it? Always one for breakfast and also after my workout on the night. So twice a day.

What else? Sometimes when I struggle with energy and motivation, I take a pre workout to give me that extra energy to push through in the gym. I used to drink coffee before, but this taste so much better.

During my workout then? I always drink BCAA, and I love the cola lime taste. I can also have this for snack sometimes together with some healthy almonds. Nom nom.

These are my top three supplements I ALWAYS use. But I have some other as well sometimes but maybe once a week. Those are listed down below.

If I have a bad craving I love the protein puddings, or the white protein bites. So good!

Also before I used the Slimbodyshake a lot for replacing my meals, but right now I’m not replacing my meals for the moment. But I’ve had  my fair share of Slimbodyshake!

They have loads off stuff and I love them all and tried them all, but don’t use all on a daily basic. But the tea is great, the protein cream taste like Nutella and yeah, all the products are great.

Hope this gave you a more insight in what I use for supplements!



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As you know. My hair is filled with extensions at the moment. But I’m trying to let my hair grow. Since we are going traveling and I can’t wear extensions when we are climbing some mountain or hiking through some landscapes, I need to let it grow by itself. My hair was in really bad condition a few months ago, end of august, and I realized I need to start to take care of it now. So I’m trying first of all not to color it, I’m making my roots darker, but thats not so bad, as long as I don’t get highlights every week. I wash my hair once a week, and that time i wash it I try to let it self dry and then I style it with GHD straighter, and that last all week, don’t use anymore heat on it. That’s whats good with these extensions I have (L.A Weave), it let your hair grow underneath. It’s a hair weft, attached with thread in a few micro rings that’s attached in your hair. I also eat vitamins and use a special shampoo for it to grow. Although my hair isn’t so much longer right now ( I cut it every 3 weeks till it’s thick enough to cut it less) it’s so much thicker. So I’m going slowly but surely try to go down to less extensions and shorter to finally have non at all for when we go traveling by the end of this year. Here are the products and the difference in 4 months. Waterman ”grow me” shampoo and conditioner (no add pay for the products) and ”super hair” by Bobby (ad-link)

IMG_5379 IMG_5380


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A lot off people always ask me how i can be so filled with motivation all the time. I’m not. To be honest. We all have our bad and good days and that is completely normal. I’m an ”all or nothing person” always have been and probably always will be. I have a hard time to commit to something without going all in. So if I’m sick for example and can’t workout, I usually struggle a lot with staying on track with my diet. Thats just the way I’m, even though if you are sick and can’t workout it’s even more important to stay on track with your diet. I always struggle with my motivation when it comes to getting back in a routine, so for 1-2 weeks when I haven’t been good before, I hate it. But as soon as I see it as a routine I love it, and even more when its starting to show on my body. As I said. I’ve gained about 3kg since the wedding and have something to work for now. But sometimes thats good as well, when I fall off the wagon and get back on it it can sometimes make me feel even better that I’m back at it.

Anyway, my motivation is now back on top again. Finally after a few messy months. We have some events and nights on before our trip to Mexico, but as long as I stay on track as much as I can, I don’t see that as a problem.

My tips for you to get motivation is:

– Set up a goal, and if it is a big goal like loosing 20kgs, have smaller goals and overtime you achieve it treat yourself to something, like some clothes, a cheat day, what ever it can be that puts a smile on your face.

– If you want to loose weight, buy a small pair of jeans that you want to fit into and take a photo every week and see the transformation how much better those pants are going to fit from week to week.

– Try new stuff, like if you are tired of the treadmill, find another type of exercise, maybe hiit, tabatha or plyometrical circuit. Something to change it up.

– Surround yourself with motivated people, people that are positive that will encoring you to reach your goal, find inspiration in your friends and family.

– Have a countdown on your phone till the day you want to reach your goal.

– Buy new workout wear!!! This I love. This is what does it best for me, when I feel banging in the gym I workout better haha.

– Make an awesome new playlist, that always makes me push harder on that treadmill.

So there is some tips on what you can do to boost your motivation. But remember, its completely normal to not always be motivated and jump out off bed to your morning cardio 5 in the morning. But that’s okay. As long as it’s not a regular thing. Always do your best, and think about how long you can go. There is no limits!