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So here is a video with links and everything to my newest additions as you guys have requested! I hope you like it!! So for some reason the blog is not working properly so to watch the video you need to click down below or go to my youtube channel and search for ”jellydevote”.



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Many wonder how I manage to eat so much during my diet, and most off the time its quite easy to be honest. I’m going to give you some tips on how to think.

First, what to drink? I always go with water and some lemon. Why?! Cuz sometimes even if you order coke zero (which is not good for your body anyway) they could still accidentally serve you full fat coke. Water is always good, always healthy and they can’t mix it up.

Regarding food, do I always go for salad?! Definitely not. There is so many examples of restaurant that serves very high calorie salads. ”hidden calories”. I can generally order whatever I want, but I completely custom make it. I’m that annoying customer that order a dish and turn it to something else. Haha. The salad above, was tonights dinner. So it’s 512 calories from the beginning (a lot of restaurants have nutritional info, always ask to see that!!), and I simply asked them to not put the crutons in, put the dressing on the side, and gave away half the bread to hubby. Automatically a lot healthier. Sauces for salads are often loaded with calories. Also something I try to avoid out is lactose and gluten!

Basically try to eat as plain as possible so you know exactly what you are putting in your moth.


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So I’m gonna dedicate this post to my diet and workout programs that you find HERE.

Since I get a lot of questions I thought I would do a post about it. To start with, you can buy just the diet or the workout program by it self, or you can buy the full package which is both of them (which I recommend since they go hand in hand).

The workout program you can do from the comfort of your home. You use your bodyweight and combine strength and cardio and you occasionally need a pair of dumbells as well (for bicep curls ex). You workout 4 times  week and the workouts are from 15 min and up and trust me, it tires you out, haha. I do the workouts myself and I’m gasping for air. So down here is an example of some exercises!

And all the exercises are pictured in the book. So you get it all explained.


P.S. You do everything from home, but if you want todo it in the gym you can and just add weights on every exercise!

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.55.11 PM


The diet program is a 6 week recipe guide. You get different options to choose from fro breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. You can adapt it to what you like the most and your needs! It gives you all the tools you need on how to eat, what time, what supplements you should take and when! It’s very yummy and easy recipes and I eat accordingly myself! Here is an example off how a meal can look!

This is the Chicken chili, which seems to be everyones favorite!

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.00.28 PM


So to finish this off, Ill show some comments and before and after off some customers. I started selling it just a while ago, so don’t have so much material but I’ll keep you updated more. If you have more questions just email me on: !

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So in this post I thought I would dress something a lot of you guys ask about a lot. What supplements do I use everyday?!

First off all, ALL my supplements are from Womensbest (add-link). And with my code ”jelly10″ you get 10% discount on their page.

Anyway, first thing, whey protein. And jesus they have made them so good now it’s insane. Taste like a milkshake from Mc Donalds haha. I’m obsessed with the flavor banana as you might know. But I also love strawberry. But Banana, OMG, best thing that ever happened to me. So when do I drink it? Always one for breakfast and also after my workout on the night. So twice a day.

What else? Sometimes when I struggle with energy and motivation, I take a pre workout to give me that extra energy to push through in the gym. I used to drink coffee before, but this taste so much better.

During my workout then? I always drink BCAA, and I love the cola lime taste and also strawberry kiwi. I can also have this for snack sometimes together with some healthy almonds. Nom nom.

And in the morning now I use the fat burners (2) and also on the night before my workout to boost my metabolism.

These are my top three supplements I ALWAYS use. But I have some other as well sometimes but maybe once a week. Those are listed down below.

If I have a bad craving I love the protein puddings, or the white protein bites. So good!

Also before I used the Slimbodyshake a lot for replacing my meals, but right now I’m not replacing my meals for the moment. But I’ve had  my fair share of Slimbodyshake!

They have loads off stuff and I love them all and tried them all, but don’t use all on a daily basic. But the tea is great, the protein cream taste like Nutella and yeah, all the products are great.

Hope this gave you a more insight in what I use for supplements!



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Hi my dear dear blog.. Ages ago since I’ve updated here at all. I haven’t gone lazy, I’ve just been stressed, or I am most of the time. But I actually miss writing. My adventures, my ideas, my life in general. Since instagram is such a small text, I feel like you guys don’t get to know me properly at all anymore. So I’ve decided I’m gonna try to update more. Both here and my youtube channel.

So I’m starting the blog off with an update from our trip to New Orleans! We went on the 4th of may and stayed till 8th of may. I went with Andy, and our closest friends Kayla and Rob. Non of us really had any idea why we wanted to go to New Orleans to be honest haha. But we went anyway and most of the time we was just drinking hurricanes and grenades on frenchman street! We had a good time, but wouldn’t say I would come back. The food wasn’t very good and high standard and the bars wasn’t classy at all. Very hard time finding a nice cocktail bar to just relax in.

Here is some unseen photos off our trip. We was pretty bad at taking photos I’m afraid!

IMG_0876 mm Untitled-1
IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0892 FullSizeRender IMG_0912