Soit’s about time I get back to being ”me”. I’ve been very messy lately. And I can kind off blame it on all the traveling here and there. Messy and stresses me out. But now for a while, we are not going anywhere. So perfect timing to find balance in life again. Lately it’s been a lot off partying/traveling, which includes drinking, sometimes not eating enough, and sometimes eating way too much. Which is not good for your body in the long run.

For you that asks, you can find the diet and workout I’ll be following HERE. It’s my 6 weeks program, I have 5 1/2 till we go to ibiza, which is plenty off time.

I’ll be going to the gym and working out from home. This first week is going to be a struggle, that I know. But I’m a fighter and will push myself to my limit every day.

I’ve just done the grocery shop for all y recipes, that comes tomorrow, so I can show you some example from my meal guide every day. As I said, you find my diet HERE.

I’ll be having one cheat night every week, as I said, this is to find balance in life again. Down below you can see my last transformation! LETS  DO THIS!


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