So. Lately, or just last two days, I haven’t eaten any carbs. I’m cutting them out till vegas and increasing cardio etc. Everything to trim up. And that changes my shape. And I don’t like it. I have less  curves and shape. My muscles gets ”deflated” you can say. So I look leaner but more straight, especially my waist and flat bum haha. but I’ll get more shape as soon as I eat some carbs on the way to vegas.

10 days left till we leave, and I basically have no outfits sorted. Great. So next week will be a stressful week. Sorting outfits, pampering, packing, working countless hours in the gym etc. not fun! But hopefully it will be worth it.

Here is a photo of todays shape. And following is todays leg workout:

5 min warmup treadmill

Legpress 15×3

Legcurl 15×3

Hipthrust on yoga ball 15×3

Kickbakcs 10×3 on each leg in cables

Bench jumps 10×3 on each leg



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