So in this post I’ll show you where I get my extensions from and what type I use. THIS IS NO COMMERCIAL SINCE I PAY FULL PRICE. FYI. Haha. Just want to make this clear.

I get my hair done at wigs and warpaint here in sheffield. And I use a method called ”LA weave” which is weft sewn in micro rings in your hair. It’s quick and lets your hair grow underneath. For the moment I use Poze hair, in standard quality since I wan’t to have 60 cm for Vegas. This time I’ve ordered 12NA which is supposed to be the lightest colour. I use two packages in total.

Sometimes I like to use”extras” from Lullabellz. To add that extra volume and ”oumph”. I use the colour 60 from them and I almost have one of everyone.

I hope this helps you guys out a little that always want’s to know what I use.

This photo, which is right now ”in the office” haha, I have 50cm 1001 from poze and just like one package.


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