Many wonder how I manage to eat so much during my diet, and most off the time its quite easy to be honest. I’m going to give you some tips on how to think.

First, what to drink? I always go with water and some lemon. Why?! Cuz sometimes even if you order coke zero (which is not good for your body anyway) they could still accidentally serve you full fat coke. Water is always good, always healthy and they can’t mix it up.

Regarding food, do I always go for salad?! Definitely not. There is so many examples of restaurant that serves very high calorie salads. ”hidden calories”. I can generally order whatever I want, but I completely custom make it. I’m that annoying customer that order a dish and turn it to something else. Haha. The salad above, was tonights dinner. So it’s 512 calories from the beginning (a lot of restaurants have nutritional info, always ask to see that!!), and I simply asked them to not put the crutons in, put the dressing on the side, and gave away half the bread to hubby. Automatically a lot healthier. Sauces for salads are often loaded with calories. Also something I try to avoid out is lactose and gluten!

Basically try to eat as plain as possible so you know exactly what you are putting in your moth.

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