So in this post I thought I would dress something a lot of you guys ask about a lot. What supplements do I use everyday?!

First off all, ALL my supplements are from Womensbest (add-link). And with my code ”jelly10″ you get 10% discount on their page.

Anyway, first thing, whey protein. And jesus they have made them so good now it’s insane. Taste like a milkshake from Mc Donalds haha. I’m obsessed with the flavor banana as you might know. But I also love strawberry. But Banana, OMG, best thing that ever happened to me. So when do I drink it? Always one for breakfast and also after my workout on the night. So twice a day.

What else? Sometimes when I struggle with energy and motivation, I take a pre workout to give me that extra energy to push through in the gym. I used to drink coffee before, but this taste so much better.

During my workout then? I always drink BCAA, and I love the cola lime taste and also strawberry kiwi. I can also have this for snack sometimes together with some healthy almonds. Nom nom.

And in the morning now I use the fat burners (2) and also on the night before my workout to boost my metabolism.

These are my top three supplements I ALWAYS use. But I have some other as well sometimes but maybe once a week. Those are listed down below.

If I have a bad craving I love the protein puddings, or the white protein bites. So good!

Also before I used the Slimbodyshake a lot for replacing my meals, but right now I’m not replacing my meals for the moment. But I’ve had  my fair share of Slimbodyshake!

They have loads off stuff and I love them all and tried them all, but don’t use all on a daily basic. But the tea is great, the protein cream taste like Nutella and yeah, all the products are great.

Hope this gave you a more insight in what I use for supplements!


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