Hi my dear dear blog.. Ages ago since I’ve updated here at all. I haven’t gone lazy, I’ve just been stressed, or I am most of the time. But I actually miss writing. My adventures, my ideas, my life in general. Since instagram is such a small text, I feel like you guys don’t get to know me properly at all anymore. So I’ve decided I’m gonna try to update more. Both here and my youtube channel.

So I’m starting the blog off with an update from our trip to New Orleans! We went on the 4th of may and stayed till 8th of may. I went with Andy, and our closest friends Kayla and Rob. Non of us really had any idea why we wanted to go to New Orleans to be honest haha. But we went anyway and most of the time we was just drinking hurricanes and grenades on frenchman street! We had a good time, but wouldn’t say I would come back. The food wasn’t very good and high standard and the bars wasn’t classy at all. Very hard time finding a nice cocktail bar to just relax in.

Here is some unseen photos off our trip. We was pretty bad at taking photos I’m afraid!

IMG_0876 mm Untitled-1
IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0892 FullSizeRender IMG_0912

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