So now my Ebook ( www.jelly-devote.com ) is finally released and I’ve already gotten really good response. I’m so excited to be helping out all off you to get in shape. I’m excited to see your results along the way. I came out with personalized in the beginning but too many bought it and that’s why I’ve now decided the Ebook was the best result. There is going to be more programs and other stuff happening as well. But for now, this is my main thing right now, this program and coaching you guys.

So what has happened today then? I cooked one of the meals that are in the book that is my favorite. Cottage cheese sweat potato, I wanted more, haha. But so full after it. So now it’s time for me to sit down on my computer and answer all emails, DMs and what ever else. I’ll probably be in bed very early tonight, so tired these days.

Ver y scared about next weeks weigh in since for the first time in ages, I actually had a proper cheat day this friday with both too much food and lots of unhealthy sweets. Felt horrible after, and I still feel like I haven’t recovered. I don’t think junk food and sweats and all that is anything for me anymore. Which is very strange haha. But I’d rather have a glass of wine and a nice meal instead off stuffing my face with sweats.

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