Okay so it’s time to step up the workouts a little. It’s now 42 days till we go to mexico and I’ve decided it’s time to up my cardio a little to shred some excess fat. So as many days a week I can (at least 5) I’m going to be on that spin bike sweating. So this is how my spin bike sessions on 35 min will look:

One set:

10 min warm up, sitting low resistance

2 min standing hill

2 minutes seated low resistance

Five sets:

30 seconds recover

30 seconds sprint

One set:

seated flat 4 minutes

Three rounds:

hill seated 30 seconds

hill standing 30 seconds

Four rounds:

Seated flat 40 seconds

20 seconds sprint

One round:

Cool down 10 minutes

And this gets my blood pumping and the sweat pouring I’ll tell you.






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