Happy Sunday folks.

How are you today? I’m a bit rough. I’ve gotten a little sick after the weekends antics. I met up with Kayla, my girlfriend, on friday for food. But we ended turning it into a night out. Since Andy is very good friends with her fella, we get along so well, and it’s been a while since we saw each other. So a glass of prosecco led to us having a VIP table at the club to way to late hours haha. Actually didn’t get that drunk though and felt completely fine day after. Eaten well as well (with a exception of a cheat meal from mc donalds the day after, two burgers), so feel fine except we spent too much time outside so I managed to get a bit sick. Hopefully if I rest today as well it will be gone.

Anyway, I’ve prepared for the week as I always do on sundays. Cleaned the apartment, done the wash and the grocery shop, time for food prep and relaxing and enjoying spending time with hubby.


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