So a lot of you guys want me to give more of my tips on how to loose weight. So when I want to tone up I have my special ways. Depending on how much weight I want too loose and amount of time of cours it looks a bit different. But here are my top tips for loosing the extra weight.

1. First off all, weightloss is all about calories in and calories out. That means, to loose weight you need to burn more then you put in your body. Make sure to count your calories, weigh everything cuz when you measure with your eyes you can eat so much more then you think you are. I weigh everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. To loose weight you need to be about 500 calories less to loose about 1 pound a week. Which is a healthy goal. You shouldn’t aim to loose to much weight too quick. So aim to be around 1400-1500 calories a day.

2. Make sure you eat the RIGHT food. By right I mean, know what your macros are (the % of fat/carbs/protein). If your aiming to loose weight protein should be the highest one, then fat and last carbs. I’m about 45-50% protein, 25-30% fat and 10-20% carbs, depending on how fast I want to loose the weight. For example last week I basically eliminate the carbs to the minimum. And what you eat, is very important, like you need food that makes you feel full longer. Sure you could smash in a cheeseburger on 300 calories for lunch, but how full will you feel from that, and how healthy are that nutrition. Not at all. So instead, eat some overbooked chicken, some veggies/greens and som sweet potato/quinoa or what you prefer and provide your body with the right nutrition and vitamins for it to feel good even on calorie deficit.

3. DRINK WATER. Very important. It helps your digestive system to run properly and helps you flush out toxins. Drink at least 2 liters every day. Also in the morning before breakfast, have a hot cup of water with squeezed lemon in, that will help your stomach start off well.

4.Treat yourself once every week or every other. It’s good to chock your body when its used to eat healthy all the time. It also helps your body to start up the metabolism. But by cheating I don’t mean eat crap a full day. Have one ”bad meal”. And also by ”bad meal” I don’t mean be super unhealthy, I mean eat maybe some more carbs, a nice sauce, or some nicely cooked dinner. Not going crazy!

5. Don’t eat sugar or drink alcohol. The biggest mistake you can do is to eat loads of sugar. Makes you addicted and retain fluid. I know it’s hard in the beginning to stop eating it. But after a week or two you don’t crave it at all. Alcohol also makes you pile on weight. As I said treat yourself once in a while, but at ALL COST avoid these two.

6. Go to the gym, but make sure you have a plan. Don’t go to the gym everyday and ”wing it”. Try to have a program (mine will come out 9th of february to buy again) to follow and structure your workouts to get the most out of it. Your muscles need to rest for 48h. Don’t overtrain yourself. So one day legs, the other shoulders and abs, day after that back and cardio and so on. Let your muscles rest. Deepening on how much you workout ofc. Also if you are looking to loose weight you need to incorporate some type of cardio. When I’, really serious I try to go twice a day, 20-30min cardio of some sort in the morning. But these days I just make sure Iend every session with 10-20min cardio. I prefer treadmill intervals or incline or the spin bike. But everyone likes different once. Also not to forget, its about QUALITY and not QUANTITY! Make sure when you go to the gym to make the most out of it. Better to go fewer times but when you are there you are killing it!


So there you go. Some of my tips to loose weight, I hope you liked it. Now off to the gym!

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