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Okay so here is the video. Our walking down the aisle song is supposed to be Latch acoustic version – sam smith , but that was copywrited. But otherwise here is our songs and our day from the beginning to end. Hope you like it as much as I do.



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First I want to start off this post by saying a million thank you for all your comments on here and on instagram. I’m so happy to have so many of you supporting us in this terrible event. So thank you from the bottom four hearts.

Now, for this post I’m going to post exactly what I eat in a day for the moment. It can vary a little depending on if I get up early, if I do two workouts etc. But I would say this is my day in general, if I workout, I add one meal.

Start of in the morning with porridge and vitamins. Sometimes I workout before breakfast and then I add a womensbest protein shake. I have 40 grams of gluten free oats, and add a teaspoon of peanut butter, some sweater and some unsweetened almond milk.porridge

Then it’s snack time. I usually vary between three different options. Either natural nuts such as almonds or cashews, sometimes some rice cakes or I have a protein shake.


Then it’s time for lunch. I use meals from @Pro_gains (add link) and with my discount ”jelly10″ you get 3 free meals with your order. For lunch I almost always eat turkeymince and broccoli, no carbs for lunch since its far away from a workout!


Then it’s snack time again. And for snack I eat like previous snack.

By this time it’s time for the gym. For the gym I drink pre workout from womensbest, some amino acids during and then a protein shake after.


After workout and after the shake etc, it’s time for some CARBS! To help my muscles to recover etc. So another meal from progains, this time with salmon, sweet potato and broccoli is a typical meal! YUM!

And that’s basically how my intake is right now. It vary some, sometimes I eat a bit more, depending on when I get up in the morning and how many workouts I do. Sometimes before bed, I drink a protein shale again to fuel my muscles during the night.

Hope you like this post, I’m trying to post more for you now with good content, so let me know what you want to read/see.


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Okay. So many of you have asked me why I’ve barley showed any photos yet. And the truth is very sad. We chose to hire a company in Mauritius to take care of our ceremony, provide us with a cake and also a photagrapher/videographer for the full day. And it ended up being a mess.

Okay so how did the day start? I was sitting down to have my hair done at 12, thats the time the photographers was about to show up. 15 min after I started to call and ask where they where. He said 5 min away. 20 min later they was still not there, so I called again, he said they will be there in 10. So when they showed up 1 hour late, my hair was already done, and I was so stressed out that everything started very stressful. The day went on, I thought the photographers was doing their job and felt I could let that go (turns out they didn’t, more about that later). There was more stuff going wrong in between, can’t blame the company for that, but my room wasn’t cleaned, I had to do my own makeup in 15min etc. So was very stressed out. When I was done to go, it took ages for people to leave the hotel in the busses we had arranged with Weddingplanner plus mauritius. When they finally left and my mum and I went up to go in our car, it was late. We ended up having to wait 15min or more in the heat, and by this time our ceremony was already about to start and it was about 10 min away.

So that’s the first part. Then we get to the ceremony, which he said would be exactly how we wanted, which it wasn’t. I’m not saying it looked horrible. But we had to pay extra to get it to look like that he said, we gladly did, since we wanted it to be perfect. I asked them to sweep the beach from twigs and all kinds off stuff since it will ruin my veil and dress, they didn’t do that and I was walking barefoot as well, so very painful and holes and ripples in both dress and veil. We asked for a white rug with hard surface under to walk on, he said there will be, he just put a sheet on the sand to walk on. Oh forgot to mention, the priest was also late even though my mum and I was late du to them being late with our car. You can hear. Imagine everything going wrong and only you as a bride is solving it. By this time, the photographer/videographer put a mic on Andy so we would hear what we was saying, it didn’t work, so you can’t hear our vows or anything. Also they didin’t film our ”you may now kiss the bride”, which is a very big moment, why wouldn’t they?!

The ceremony was now over, time to go back. The guest first of all, had to wait for the buss to come back, since he had decided to take another customer in between, so they had to wait for 30 min on the beach. Great job, so this made us 45 min late in our schedule extra, and as you know we was already late. Very professional of wedding planner plus to let them take another customer in between. So when we arrive back late, it’s dark but the dinner starts (everything from here we have arranged with the hotel, and it was lovely) and the photographer/videographer he promised me that they would stay till we went to bed around midnight. So during the dinner we ended up having to look for them, when the speeches was about to start we had to go and look for them and ask them to film. We shouldn’t have to do that, they are suppose to be there all the time filming everything.

We are now very late and our entertainment that is The Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago goes on 2h later then planned. But we paid about 10 000 pounds for them to play for 2 hours, and this is a big part of our wedding. The had played for 10 min, then the photographer/videographer decided to pack up and go home at 10.30. My husband gets upset, I get upset, every guest gets upset. Thats a breach of contract. They say they haven’t eaten or anything, but they hav had loads of breaks to go and eat. They said they was suppose to work till 10, even though the company the work for told me 12, plus they was an hour late anyway. Anyway they jus pack up and go even though we are begging them to film this moment we have paid so much for, we said we could pay more, but they didn’t care. I tried to call the ”wedding planner plus” guy that’s named Henryck, and he starts screaming like a maniac at me, I’m the bride, haven’t been aggressive in anyway, I’m calling and trying to find a solution so everyone is happy. And he just screams at me saying some guest wasn’t being nice, doesn’t matter, I was being nice, I’m the client. We hang up, and we just have to accept they don’t give a shit.

Day after we call back, or Andy does, and Henryck starts screaming straight away saying they are going to throw that guest out of the island cuz she was swearing too much. Okay, nice, very professional! We have to play nice, even though we are fuming, since we are scared we won’t get the photos or our certificate. Anyway, the day comes, and they avoid meeting us, leaves it in the reception. Our certificate is there, great, and a usb whit our videos/pictures. But when I open this I feel so upset. A lot of the photos are just blurry, and focusing on like a tree in the background. The photos on the night are black that they took on me and Andy, so you can’t see us. Day pictures are taken with flash, and even I that are not a professional photographer knows that that’s not how you take good photos. We was supposed to get 100 retouched photos in the contract we wrote, we got 0 retouched once. They decided they didn’t have to do what we paid them for. We was supposed to get these 100 printed on a album, well yeah didin’t get an album. There isn’t even 100 photos that are nice. They got lucky and captured maybe two good photos, and took about 100 all together. Then we get to the videos. They are horrible. We was promised 90 minutes all together, we have about 20 min maximum filmed. What they have filmed is just strange. Out of focus, can’t hear anything since they didn’t put the mic on right, the wind is blowing. They didin’t film our kiss at all. One of the biggest moments of my life. They was also suppose to edit them and put background music etc on. They didn’t do that.

So basically our day, our biggest day of our life, is not captured. At all. And it breaks my heart to think about. Iv’e texted the company about my disappointment and asked for money back, he decided to block me on whats app so I can’t message him. I’ts so un professional and I want to explain why you barley seen any photos at all, and also to WARN you about this horrible company! Don’t ever hire ”Weddingplanner plus” in Mauritius. They rip you of and don’t care about your big day at all. This is a very long post. But it has to be posted. To end this post, I’ll post a fe of the ”high quality” photos these excellent photographers took.

There are even more, but you get the point, blurry, pointless, all black etc. I’t heartbreaking that I don’t have perfect photos or videos, and they way they have treated us is anything but professional.

This is their page: http://www.weddingplanner.mu

This is their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ilemauricemariage/reviews/

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Hello my readers!

I’m now going to try to make a comeback here since the wedding stress is finally over. But for me to think blogging is fun again, I need to stop writing in two languages, since it takes way to much time and makes me feel like I don’t want to update instead. So I’v decided, everyone understands english, even the swedish readers, so from now on I’ll just write my posts in English. To make life easier for me and help me find my inspiration again and to not feel like it’s shit to update my blog haha.

So, I’m now back in England, as Mrs. English. And it feels very strange I’ll tell you. I’m Andys wife. I’ve never been happier, but most of all, all the stress around planning the wedding is gone and we can finally go back to normal again!

Right now I’m sick, as always when I travel some where. I’ve just had preiod cramps from hell, thats now over, but I also have fever, sore throat ear infection and eye infection. I don’t feel so well haha. But starting today I’m back on track with diet and exercise! I need it after this since I probaby gained about 10kgs no jokes. But it will fall off easy, it always does.

Now I need to go back to work after two weeks of vacation basically, so much to catch up. Need to get my head right! So a lot of work this week, and I’ll put together loads of videos and photos from the wedding for you!

Now I’m jumping in the shower and try to make myself feel like a person again. I just want to feel well already!!

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Hej kära läsare.

Väldigt tomt här, men nu är de en vecka kvar tills vi åker till Mauritius och 13 dagar kvar tills bröllopet. Så det är mycket som måste planeras och fixas. Så fort bröllopet är över är det tillbaka till normalt igen, vilket ska bli väldigt skönt! Just nu ligger jag hemma och är fruktansvärt sjuk och  det är en vecka sedan jag var på gymmet. Men de är inte så mycket att göra, är man sjuk så är man. Väntar också på min mens och hoppas den hinner komma innan vi åker, och speciellt innan bröllopet. Men mina bröst är så ömma att det känns som om de ska trilla av min kropp haha. Så borde vara på gång.

Förra helgen var jag i Manchester och hälsade på en vän Fredag-Måndag. Vi var ute ganska sent, så kan vara det som gjort mig sjuk. Mår inte bra i alla fall. Det är allt jag vet.

Idag ska jag försöka göra ett sista ryck med bröllopet så jag kan slappna av lite. Men kan inte fatta att vi åker nästa vecka, tiden går så snabbt.

Hi dear readers.

Very empty here, but now it’s only a week left till we go to Mauritius and 13 days till the wedding. So it’s a lot to plan right now. As soon as the wedding is over it’s back to normal again, and that’s gonna be quiet nice to be honest. Right now I’m home on the sofa and I’m so sick and it’s a week since I’ve been to the gym. But I can’t do so much about that, if you are sick you are sick. I’m also waiting for my period, and I’m hoping it will come before we go, and especially before the wedding. My breast are so sore, it feels like they are gonna fall off my body haha. So it should be arriving very soon.

Last weekend I went to manchester and stayed at my friend friday-monday. We stayed out pretty late, maybe thats why I’m sick. Don’t feel well anyway, that’s all I know. 

Today I’m gonna try to do the last things with the wedding so I can relax. Can’t believe we leave next week.



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Okej, så nu ska jag göra ett inlägg om alkohol. Det som får mig att lägga på mig enormt mycket i vikt, väldigt snabbt. Som ni vet bodde jag i marbella ett tag, för ett tag sen. Jag var inte så aktiv på mina sociala medier då. Anledningen är enkel, just för jag var inte nöjd med hur jag såg ut. Jag festade dygnet runt i 5 månader och drack alldeles för mycket alkohol, tränade aldrig och åt alldeles för dålig mat. Jag vägde mig aldrig, då jag inte hade tillgång till våg. Men när jag tittar tillbaka på bilder från den tiden så är det väldigt tydligt, att jag inte levde ett hälsosamt liv. När jag åkte till Marbella vägde jag 56kg, men vägde säkert 65 mot slutet av säsongen. Här ser ni en bild på mig och Andy innan jag flyttade till England.

Okay now I’m gonna do a post about alcohol. That makes me put on loads of weight, very quick. As you know I lived in Marbella a while ago. I wasn’t that active on my social medias back then. And the reason is that I wasn’t happy about how the way I looked. I was partying around the clock for 5 months and drank way to much alcohol, never exercised and ate bad food. I never weighed myself since I didn’t have a scale. But when I look back on photos from that time it’s very obvious, I wasn’t living a healthy life. When I went to Marbella I weighed 56kg, but I probably weighed 65 by the end of the season. Here is a photo of me and Andy before I moved to England. 


Nu dricker jag inte ofta. Aldrig vardagar givetvis, utan bara på tillställningar eller om vi åker iväg etc. Vilket är kanske 1-2 dagar i månaden. Min kropp mår mycket bättre. Jag mår mycket bättre. Jag har aldrig gillat alkohol så mycket alls om jag ska vara ärlig. Men då och då tycker jag om att dricka lite drinkar och champagne. Något som händer med när jag går upp i vikt av alkohol är att jag blir så vätska fylld. Vilket gör att jag väger mer och ser större ut än vad jag är, men får även massa celluliter. Kolla på de här fotot..

Now I don’t drink that often. Never weekdays, just on like events or if we go away. And that is like 1-2days out of the month. My body feels so much better. I feel so much better. I’ve never really liked alcohol to be honest. But once in a while I like to drink some cocktaisl and some champagne. I always get so filled with fluids when I drink alcohol. That makes me look even bigger then what I am, also get lots of cellulites. Look at this photo.. 


Så mitt råd till er är, drick med måtta. Alkohol förstör så mycket. Inte bara på ytan men även på insidan.

So my advice for you is, drink in moderation. Alcohol destroys so much. Not just your appearance but also on the inside.

Yep, me with the green drink. DON’T DRINK IT! Haha.