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Soit’s about time I get back to being ”me”. I’ve been very messy lately. And I can kind off blame it on all the traveling here and there. Messy and stresses me out. But now for a while, we are not going anywhere. So perfect timing to find balance in life again. Lately it’s been a lot off partying/traveling, which includes drinking, sometimes not eating enough, and sometimes eating way too much. Which is not good for your body in the long run.

For you that asks, you can find the diet and workout I’ll be following HERE. It’s my 6 weeks program, I have 5 1/2 till we go to ibiza, which is plenty off time.

I’ll be going to the gym and working out from home. This first week is going to be a struggle, that I know. But I’m a fighter and will push myself to my limit every day.

I’ve just done the grocery shop for all y recipes, that comes tomorrow, so I can show you some example from my meal guide every day. As I said, you find my diet HERE.

I’ll be having one cheat night every week, as I said, this is to find balance in life again. Down below you can see my last transformation! LETS  DO THIS!



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So, since i posted a photo on instagram (@jellydevote) regarding bloating everyone wanted me to do a post about tips on how to not have it. First off all, everyone gets bloated, its normal. But there is a few things I do to avoid it!

– I try to drink loads off water

– Try to avoid gluten and lactose since my stomach reacts on it

– Eat smaller portions and more often

– Avoid sparkling drinks since the bubbles bloats me

– Avoid too much fiber in my diet since it gives you gas

– Try to eat after LOWFODMAP

– Being active (working out)

So there is my small tips on how to avoid bloating! Other then that you just need to go with the flow. Everyone gets bloated and its normal. Don’t let it get you down.


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So here is a few update from some of my amazing clients doing my workout/diet programs right now. It’s thousands of you out there now following my ebook and I’m so proud and happy! Making mama proud.

If you want to see previous post about clients and examples of the program click HERE.

To get to my programs click HERE.



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So. Today I feel a bit rough since we ended up seeing some friends yesterday for a drink. We had a really good night after I’ve had a really bad day. I’m mostly stressed out about how close vegas is and how much stuff I nee to fix before really.

Anyway. Even though I’ve been a bit rough, I’ve managed to clean the house, started all the washing and now doing some work before early bed tonight. Andy is working night, so I’m hoping to get a really good nights sleep and wake up tomorrow and feel super ready for a new day and hopefully two workout sessions.

I  have so much work I need todo but for now, I’m just doing some small stuff before bed to ease the work load I need todo tomorrow.

Now, I’m going back to snuggles with this one.



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So. Lately, or just last two days, I haven’t eaten any carbs. I’m cutting them out till vegas and increasing cardio etc. Everything to trim up. And that changes my shape. And I don’t like it. I have less  curves and shape. My muscles gets ”deflated” you can say. So I look leaner but more straight, especially my waist and flat bum haha. but I’ll get more shape as soon as I eat some carbs on the way to vegas.

10 days left till we leave, and I basically have no outfits sorted. Great. So next week will be a stressful week. Sorting outfits, pampering, packing, working countless hours in the gym etc. not fun! But hopefully it will be worth it.

Here is a photo of todays shape. And following is todays leg workout:

5 min warmup treadmill

Legpress 15×3

Legcurl 15×3

Hipthrust on yoga ball 15×3

Kickbakcs 10×3 on each leg in cables

Bench jumps 10×3 on each leg




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So in this post I’ll show you where I get my extensions from and what type I use. THIS IS NO COMMERCIAL SINCE I PAY FULL PRICE. FYI. Haha. Just want to make this clear.

I get my hair done at wigs and warpaint here in sheffield. And I use a method called ”LA weave” which is weft sewn in micro rings in your hair. It’s quick and lets your hair grow underneath. For the moment I use Poze hair, in standard quality since I wan’t to have 60 cm for Vegas. This time I’ve ordered 12NA which is supposed to be the lightest colour. I use two packages in total.

Sometimes I like to use”extras” from Lullabellz. To add that extra volume and ”oumph”. I use the colour 60 from them and I almost have one of everyone.

I hope this helps you guys out a little that always want’s to know what I use.

This photo, which is right now ”in the office” haha, I have 50cm 1001 from poze and just like one package.