The perfect skin


Let’s talk a bit more about the laser treatment I told you about in my last post. Read about it here!

Patrizia’s fractional laser machine works on cellular level to help the skin renew itself. This will  over time eliminate sun damage, scars, pigmentation spots, large pores, sagging skin, acne, etc! You get a completely new young fresh skin complexion. Each treatment provides about 20-25% improvement. This is by far the best thing for the perfect skin!

Facials, acid treatments, micro peel.. all surface treatments! You remove the top layer of skin and the skin gets temporarily fresher. Multiple treatments like this over time weakens the skin, makes it more vulnerable to infections, inflammations ect. Fractional laser renews the skin from within (not from the surface) and gives you permanent results! 😊

As it goes with all handiwork, the results depends on the hands doing the handiwork. Patrizia at Pi42 in Malmö is the absolute best!

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