How I keep my skin fresh!


I get a lot of questions regarding my skin and how I keep in shape. I cover my face in liquid latex – latex filled with ammonia – a couple of times a week. Not very good for the skin at all. In fact it can cause rashes and outbreaks. But my skin is and stays flawless. How?

As I brush my teeth every night, I clean my face every night! But apart from that, the only thing I do is laser. Fractional laser! I am off to Patrizia at Pi42 I Malmö now. Don’t know what fraktional laser is? You can read all about it here on my last visit.. or for the quick version, think about it like if it’s a car:

 A facial is like giving the car a professional wash – You’ll get clean & fresh!
Acid treatment, micro peel ect. is like a car wax – Temprorarily shiny!
After a couple of fractional  laser treatments it is as if you re-lacquer the whole car!

I will tell you more about it when I get back.. Well I am off!


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