FX Makeup Workshop


Just got home from Dublin and the Ill Willex FX Makeup Workshop!! It was FANTASTIC! Usually I work wonders with cheap stuff I find at the Supermarket or in craftstores. All of that you can have a peak at here: Ellimacs.com. But here I got to work with real movie makeup and it was so so cool!

It was a 3 days workshop. We made moulds in silicone, worked with alcohol activated paint (haven’t tried thet before), made slit throaths with bladders we made our self out of latex. Blood everywhere! I guy came over with a really cool severed head from a movie set. Supercool and kinda freaky. Got the chance to hug a lot of fans, visited a lot of irish pubs haha and just really had a great time. Will be back in March for the Zombie 101 class!

workshop workshop1 workshop2 workshop3IMG_0288workshop4workshop6 IMG_0361workshop5

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