Charity Event with Female Pilots


So this september I was in Marseille, France doing hair and makeup on some amazing girls. They were from around the world, all working as pilots and there for a photoshoot. No one knew eachother. We stayed at a hotel together close to the airport for four days. Starting early each morning with makeup and hair transformations. Rapunzel of Sweden sponsored with both hair extensions & hair styling tools. I have posted a lot of the transformations, just take a look in the hair styling & the Makeup categories.

Photos were taken in a hanger with cool different planes. All photos were put togheter in to a calander that will be sold and the money raised are in full dedicated to Cancerfonden!

You can get yours HERE!

Tonight I am in Stockholm for the Release Party. Super excited for tonights charity event! I’ll update more about it later! xo

avi4 pilot3 pilot4 avi5 avi6 pilot9 pilot13 avi3 pilot2 avi avi1

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