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This is so overwhelmingly amazing!!
Daily mail picked up on us and posted an awesome article. Posted a part of it here, wanna read more? Just click on the link further down in the post 😀

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A self-taught make-up artist from Sweden has taken YouTube by storm after offering her own tricks on how to create gruesome horror film characters in step-by-step tutorials.

Ellinor Rosander, 21, and talented producer Macs Moser create jaw-dropping monsters, many of them inspired by horror classics, and then reveal how mere mortals can achieve similar looks at home using things you might find in your kitchen cupboard. 

Well known for their gory special effects, the Ellimacs team now boasts over 460,000 subscribers and was created in 2013 by Ellinor and her 40-year-old producer friend Macs Moser. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3619611/DO-try-home-Self-taught-YouTube-make-artist-uses-tin-foil-tissue-paper-FLOUR-create-terrifying-horror-characters.html#ixzz4Ap28IZF0

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Exciting news! Your votes took me to the Nordic NYX Face Awards final!! I am so overly excited and my mind is spinning. Now I need to come up with the coolest idea my mind has ever created in order to take this trofé home! The theme for the final challenge iiiiisss…..


IMG_5607ellimacs-graffiti-001 nyx-nordic-face-awards-round-one-kraken awards2

Off to Brussels!

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I am off to work on a charity project in Brussels, Belgium! I will be doing hair and makeup makeovers on female pilots from all over the world! Then there will be a photoshoot with different vintage planes. This will all be put together in a calendar and sold with all profits going to Cancer research (Cancerfonden). For you who have been following my blog, you might remember that I did this last year too in Marseille, France! Will be updating with before and after pictures of the transformations :) Time to pack!

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From the article:

SELF taught special effects makeup artist Ellinor Rosander and talented producer Macs Moser create jaw dropping step by step tutorials, teaching us how to look like realistic gruesome characters from the comfort of our own home!

”Well known for their gory special effects the Ellimacs team boast over 460,000 subscribers and was created in 2013 by 21 year old Ellinor and 40 year old producer Macs Moser.

The Swedish duo said: The channel actually came into existence by accident. A friend of Elli’s was booked to do the makeup for an artist shoot, in my studio in February 2013.

-The friend couldn’t make it so she sent Elli instead. That’s how me met, totally by chance. Later that year in the beginning of October Elli asked if I wanted to take step by step still shots of her doing a zombie makeup. I said no, let’s film it instead.

The talented team of two filmed the zombie tutorial and uploaded it gaining a whopping 5,000 views overnight.

For Elli and Macs the most challenging part of creating special effects looks for their popular channel is to find cheap and easily accessible products to create the look. The talented producer said: Finding ways to create the look with cheap and easily accessible products or household items is one of the biggest challenges.”

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Watch full video interview here: 😀